Casa Luiza; Luxury, limited-edition home accessories

Designed in London by Luiza Pardellas-Marra, an interior design and furnishings aficionado, each design piece is meticulously created from fabrics and trimmings sourced from some of the world's top producers and artisans.

The first collection, Amore, features cushions available as a unique or two-of-a-kind and, in most cases, reversible, giving you a flexibility for your interiors. The Estella trimmings line is now also available.

Founded by an interior devotee driven by passion

Casa Luiza is born from founder Luiza's own unique taste and deep understanding of interiors. Working with top fabric houses since 2004, Luiza brings her vast experience and passion for interior design to each and every piece within the collections.

Driven by a desire to make a big impact with a small change, Casa Luiza strives to enable self-expression and creative freedom through home accessories.

Luiza's personal endeavour

Following a ten-year career in finance, Luiza entered the world of interiors and within months had discovered an entirely new world of possibilities.

"The magic of fabric in interiors is that your creativity can go to so many levels. Whether it's curtains, upholstery, walling or indeed cushions."

After many years of supplying fabrics to interior designers, specifiers and home owners, Luiza became curious about seeing the finished product and the impact it has on the scheme. And so began a period of experimentation with her own collection.

"I could see from my own experience at home how much an interior changes with just a couple of pieces. That's where client's creativity can be seen"

Excited by the realisation that people would be willing to be daring with upholstery, accent pieces in a way that they wouldn't necessarily feel able to with a larger piece of furniture or decorative element.


Creativity & self-expression

Having lived through 'taupism', Luiza felt colour had lost prime position in interiors. Although colour is coming back, furnishing choices remain 'safe' when it comes to big-budget items such as sofas and chairs. People often choose neutral tones and plain furnishings that they can live with for many years.

That's where accessories come in. Adding personality and eclecticism through cushions and soft-furnishings, be it single statements or ensemble collections, can provide the wow factor to a scheme. As a compliment to her pieces, Luiza launched her first trimmings collection, Estella, which features various designs and colours and are an integral part of her soft-furnishing pieces as well as being available to buy separately.